5 lessons for 2024

Reflecting on the past year, I’ve distilled a handful of key insights that have not only reshaped my work at Minorstep but also redefined my personal ethos. Here are the five most significant lessons from 2023.

  1. Human Capability and the Essence of Grit: Delving into the dynamics of success, it’s become evident that a person’s enduring perseverance and passion for their long-term goals—a measure of what’s termed ‘grit’—is a profound predictor of success, independent of IQ or physical talent. This revelation is supported by the observation that although talent may offer a swift start, it is the sustained and passionate effort that ultimately forges the path to realized ambitions. The science of achievement is progressively recognizing this blend of persistence and passion as the driving force behind extraordinary achievements, superseding innate talent.
  2. Prioritizing Depth and Intellectual Curiosity: The allure of instant gratification, especially prevalent in the domain of social media, often tempts one to seek quick wins rather than enduring accomplishments. This year has reinforced the value of engaging in work that is deep and intellectually stimulating, favoring the long bet over the ephemeral quick fix. Such dedication to substance over superficiality demands a disciplined approach to creation, eschewing the fleeting satisfaction of social media applause for the lasting fulfillment that comes from truly transformative work. This principle has become a cornerstone of my philosophy, influencing Minorstep to produce work that is not only visually striking but also rich in meaning and context, setting a new standard for what we bring into the world.
  3. The Photorealism Paradigm in AI Media: AI has stealthily just crossed the threshold into photorealism, a feat as transformative as it is discreet. Now, the ability to produce an infinite array of images once dreamt of challenges us to be judicious. Taste – more than ever – becomes our compass in this new era, as we curate with intention, knowing the power rests in our hands to choose what we manifest into the world.
  4. The Dualism of Productivity: The past year has been a testament to the power of wielding dual roles in fostering productivity. Marrying concentrated creativity with strategic oversight has proven to be a dynamic formula for success. This balanced approach has streamlined Minorstep’s operations, enabling deep creative exploration anchored by strategic management, ensuring purposeful progress toward our goals.
  5. Techno-optimism and the Creative Revolution: The vision cast by techno-optimism and e/acc has been a source of inspiration, projecting a future ripe with possibilities, also for the creative industries. Yet, my optimism is cautious, aware of the potential pitfalls AI might bring. It’s a nuanced perspective, one that embraces the excitement of innovation while preparing for the complexities ahead. Witnessing the creative revolution is palpable, but it’s accompanied by a mindful consideration of the challenges that accompany the particular technological leap to AGI and beyond.

May we strive to navigate the evolving landscape of the creative industry, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and charting a course toward a future richer than ever. I am incredibly grateful for all the collaborators, partners, and clients who have been part of this journey over the past year. Here’s to a year of tenacity, good taste, strategy, and balanced optimism.