If you don’t put out the work, it doesn’t count. And if it doesn’t foster creativity, it’s probably not beneficial. If we’re intentional and we’re lucky enough, this is the core of what we do.

Being asked to create a photo or other chosen medium, taking responsibility for it, and doing it in a way that hasn’t exactly been done before.

Identify this as the work of a Photographer, capital P.
Someone dedicated to improving things through their work and who solves intriguing challenges with taste, insight, and utility.

It requires that we have confidence in ourselves. To find and develop a voice. To comprehend art, systems, and craft. And maybe in 2023 we can do more of it.

After a year in the making, I just launched my first online course, Minimalist Photography: Form, Scale, and Composition on Domestika. It walks you through all  my creative processes, from concept, to shooting, to retouching, to business.

Most importantly, it helps you develop your craft in your own way. The course participants receive direct feedback by participating in the dedicated forums, where I will also be active personally.

If you click on this link, and apply the code “MINORSTEP-NEWSLTR” at checkout you’ll find a major combined secret discount, which is at maximum value this week, but it eventually disappears.

Our shared ability to discover a solution to improve things will determine our future. To look for connections, create opportunities, and widen doors for others. I hope this course will help.

Wishing you a fantastic year filled with lots of growth.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep