That day will come, perhaps even tomorrow, that you will create something outstanding.

This is you at your best, an orgy of great ideas, the right inspiration, and a lot of the exhausting work that pushed it there. Your best photo.

Many people who see it will be touched, inspired. They will not miss the chance to tell you you’ve created something that matters to them. You will be reminded that you producing at this level is something really special.

And some other people, people you truly respect, they will not care about it at all, maybe even dislike it.

But that’s not because it’s not good. It’s not because your photo, or your design, or your painting, isn’t remarkable.

It’s simply because it’s not for them.

You can’t please all people, and most importantly, you shouldn’t. The sooner we learn this lesson the sooner we meet ourselves doing creative work that matters. They don’t dislike or like us, they dislike or like our work.

We don’t put out work to please everyone.

And accepting that is crucial. Because we’re here to create and put out meaningful stuff for a small, specific group of individuals.

Figuring out that these people are not “everyone” is life changing.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep