How is the set design going to look like? Did you decide on the art direction for this next project?

Do you go with the first shooting idea or do you let the first idea lead you to the second version? And then, do you stick with that second idea or do you let it be the inspiration for the third idea? And it goes on.

Whatever idea you decide to turn into a real shoot (or any creative output), you’ll never get to know the one that was coming right after.

That’s a huge part of being a creative professional. You have to make that judgement call. Decide when it’s good enough and roll with it. To forgo the possibilities of all the next ideas for the sake of executing and finishing.

Professionals make the call. Professionals finish, and that’s how they get paid. Creative professionals can’t always guarantee they’ll get it right, but they do it anyway. They do it because they understand that they won’t know if they got it right or not until they finish.

There’s a point you have to make the call and accept the fact there’s no knowing what was behind the other doors.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep