Maybe your only truly authentic self is the one during the first day you were born, peeing your pants.

Since then, you’ve been nurtured in a specific culture and also have made a long series of decisions yourself.

In the end it’s all invented, by you and others around you.

My problem with every brand and individual out there declaring they’re “Authentic” for doing x or y, is that nothing they do is truly authentic, it’s all part of a long-term strategy for what they want to achieve in the world.

Maybe we should replace the buzz word “Authentic” with the word Consistent. It’s still important that people can tell when you shift your story and mission in response to whatever is happening around you. But consistency is way more clear in how we can define and measure it, than “authenticity”.

What the fuck is even “Authentic” these days?

The question is, what is the real impact you’re looking to have? What do you have to add to the conversation? And how do you achieve that proudly?

George Kroustallis // Minorstep