I like to remind myself that if this article can create a change for just one person, then it’s a good article and a good Sunday.

A single person, not thousands or 10 million.

A creative who experiences a small shift and does something different because of that. Someone who takes a few paragraphs and ideas and turns them into positive action.

I often receive some very positive messages, but that shift is unlikely to appear in online stats and likes.

These numbers measure something different, and maybe that something is an indicator of popularity, but it is poorly correlated with the thing I’d love to measure: The actual number of people who are more committed today and more empowered to make a change. The people who take one positive step closer to their mission.

The measure of success is individual. It’s you and what you do.

No stat for that, so why are we obsessing so much over the numbers?

George kroustallis // Minorstep