There are not many things more important than having a very specific vision, as a photographer and creative.

It’s finding your unique way of communicating and what can set you apart.

What do you capture, how do you capture it, why do you capture it and for who?

If you’re a category of one, you’re not really replaceable.

But realistically, having to answer that question, “What’s the vision?” can be a long and troublesome process. No one starts with a concrete unmistakable vision.

So if you’re not ready to answer that with certainty yet, maybe you can ask yourself:

What do you need at the moment?

If you know your priorities right now, that’s the instant fuel for taking meaningful action for yourself and the people you’re surrounded by. Ask yourself that. Do you need to change careers? Do you need to do more work that inspires you? Do you need to build a creative team with others?

Consistently being in tune with  “What do you need at the moment“ is an honest road that over time can get you closer to the answer to “What is your vision“.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep