There are a lot of creatives walking around all day wondering:

What should I post next? Does this damn latte next to Kinfolk still look interesting?
I haven’t posted anything in seven hours, where is something cool?
I haven’t publicly posted a story with a long text about Notre-Dame, am I too late?

Set yourself free of “what to post next”.

Here’s a rough plan to save you from the often moment by moment anxiety of what to post next:

Come up with four categories of posts that are truly important to you. Here are some:

1. You taking pictures

2. You visiting interesting or inspiring places

3. Your love for soft boiled eggs and poking them

4. Your love of scandinavian design

If a potential post doesn’t connect with one of these four, it doesn’t get posted (Now you can just enjoy Naomi’s posts without having to repost).

And since these categories are important to you, you’ll notice more and more things that fall into them in some way and over time you’ll have a larger pool of meaningful things you’re ready to post. Additionally, you’re now consistent.

You won’t have to constantly wonder about what to post next. You already know and and it’s in line with who you are and the story you are telling your audience.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep