The only people who are going to see your photos, like your work and share it are the ones interested in seeing it.

Stop worrying about the rest.

In order for someone to see, there has been a moment in time where they decided they wanted to. They like people like you and they like work like yours.

Now you’re a good match.

Now you don’t have to convince a random person, not interested in that particular thing you’re doing, to consume your thing.
You have a person who hopes that they’re making a good decision by seeing and following your thing.

They’re even rooting for you to come up with something awesome and would love to be inspired by you or work with you.

This is exactly why when you’re creating something new to put out there the only people you need to concern yourself with are the exact people who are actually going to consume it.

Find your people and do your best for them.

The only people who are going to like it are the ones who are going to.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep