The high end is delicate, unstable and of course expensive.

The 500€ cigar, the Hasselblad Medium Format Camera, the Barefoot studio reference monitors that will blow your mind. The fusion restaurant that makes the perfect dessert, the high end photographer with rare experience, tools and years of training.

Now if there was a easy, reliable way to produce these outputs, everyone would do it and high end wouldn’t be high end, it would be the average, the normal.

A big part of what makes something to be on that level so that it can defeat the other 99% is that it doesn’t always work. It’s more sensitive to inputs and it’s not only pure and optimized, it’s also dangerous.

Maybe you don’t need a 40k carbon Litespeed Blade bike, unless of course you’re a high end athlete. Maybe you merely need a reliable way to get from A to B at a reasonable price.

The high end is stunning, but stunning isn’t necessarily reliable and that’s on purpose. That’s what makes it stunning.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep

P.S. I recently launched a poster collection with Danish Paper Collective, featuring my photo art.
It’s titled Skin Deep and you can get them here.
The project touches on my fascination with body, the beautiful diversity of skin tone and minimalism. The posters are printed in limited editions and part of each sold poster will be donated to a good cause.