What’s the first thing your potential customers do when they want to learn more about your brand or product? They look for your brand on instagram or google you and visit your website, or they happen to stumble upon your content.
Consumers are online so that’s where you are too.

If everyone is there, how do you stand out amongst the noise?

Your content is the first -and often the only- way people will get to experience your brand and products. High end photography can tell the story of your brand in the most effective way and most importantly build its visual language, creating brand equity.

The right campaigns and content increase perceived value, increase engagement, improve conversion rate and drive sales.

Last month, I had a client literally report around 100% increase in engagement & traffic when our new photo ad campaign went live, compared to their older one.
There are very few other ways that you can drive up attention that dramatically.

Let’s break it down even further:

  • Sales come from trust that has been built between the brand and the consumer, a trust that has converted them into a customer.
  • Trust is built between the brand and the consumer from the consumer learning more about the brand and identifying with it over time or even immediately.
  • The consumer identifies and learns more about the brand by seeking out or being shown consistent information from the brand.
  • Consistent information from the brand is displayed in the form of visually appealing, brand conscious content they relate to , which thereby drives traffic and creates a following.

Can you imagine Aesop or Apple with terrible photography and branding? I don’t think so.

By all means, if your brand, brand message and products are not extraordinary in any way, then it’s not going to work. At least not for the long term. And then, photography is the least of your problems.

But if you’re a brand that brings value, working with a professional who can provide great photography, more than ever, is one of the first steps towards building a trusted following, driving traffic, and converting fans or consumers to customers.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep