Why are we shooting this personal/portfolio work and why do we need to keep sharing our work constantly?

So we get more famous.

And how are we going to get more famous in photography or art direction?

By the people who are going to see the work, like it, share it, show it to their friends.

Why are the people who see it going to tell their friends?

Because they’re going to really like work.

Why are they going to really like the work?

…They just will.

The arrogant response to the last question makes you realize the last question goes cheek to cheek with the simplistic response to the first question.

What instead of getting more famous or getting more followers, we mainly focused on getting more useful, inspiring, and innovative, by doing work that matters to our tribe?

By getting to know the answer to the last question, the answer to the first one transforms.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep