You could be a pessimist – indeed, it might not work out.

You could be an optimist – indeed, it might work out.

And they’d both be right. But don’t expectations make a difference?

There are so many different ways we could go about it, so many random things that could happen upon taking action, so many different things to focus on and learn, so many people to connect with and get help from.

The uniqueness of heading into 2020, is that your work (photos, campaigns etc) can be shared faster and wider, like never before.

Yes it still might not work. Yes, moving to LA might not turn out as expected. Yes, that idea with that model holding that fish to her ear for a photo might not turn out how you wanted.

But this upcoming year, it’s as good as any year to commit to possibility itself.

George Kroustallis // Minorstep