There’s this quote by Rafael Nadal – “People get confused about talent. Talent isn’t striking the ball well, or very hard. Some play beautifully, some flawlessly, others run brilliantly. But in all sport the final objective is to win. So, in summary, the person who wins the most is the one with the most talent”

It is an interesting quote that applies better to individual sports than team sports, but I also think it applies to work and life in general.  Firstly, it outlines the belief that raw potential that isn’t put to use to deliver results doesn’t amount to much. Science seems to fully back that up.

While the quote is as much about talent as it is about his ethos and incredible desire to win, there’s something to be said for such single-mindedness.

Because, If you can learn it, it’s a skill.

If it’s important, but innate, it’s a talent.

The thing is, especially outside of sports, almost everything that matters is a skill. If even one person is able to learn it, if even one person is able to use effort and training to get good at something, it’s a skill.

I know, because I was there when I took my first photos and they were trash. I also remember opening up Photoshop cs2 13 years ago and being completely lost. And I chose to keep going.

What are you going to focus on learning next?

George Kroustallis // Minorstep